Saturday, October 2, 2010

Luciano Endino

Luciano Endino is Hungarian; he was 30 in 2009. He is 6' tall, weighs 200 lbs., has brown hair, blue eyes, and a 6", uncut dick. He only worked in porn about 2 years; he is a credentialed math and physics instructor.


straightloads said...

Hello there,
Thanks for the sweet comment!

good to be here, and visit through your good job of your nice site. (looking very similar to mine, so is xtra nice!) LOL.

more over I have linked your site, could you link me back?

this is my site:

I do hope you would not mind to exchange link with me

best regards,

Joe Catcher said...

Done, my friend, and thanks.

kered said...

Luciano Endino is all 100% man from the top of his head to his toes nails

1 on 1 said...

Luc. I'm a regular kind of guy, real like to hitch up with you and learn the tricks of the trade as you bend around for a time.

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